Commission Information

☁️ Place commission requests with this form! ☁️Need to discuss a commission idea first? Contact me via Discord: Chee#3091

Rules and Process Info:☁️Fill out the form above with your request. It would be helpful if you informed me (via discord or twitter DM) when you've submitted something - during slower months, I might not check the form as often! I’ll contact you with either a)Accepting your request and giving you a timeframe for when I can complete it or b) Rejecting your request.☁️Currently I’m not interested in doing pornographic commissions. Nudity is fine.☁️Unless otherwise agreed upon, all pieces are for your personal enjoyment and are not to be used in any commercial, for-profit purposes. Please let me know upfront if you require commercial license for a piece.
Character designs may be resold at the price you bought them, and I must be informed that it’s changing hands.
☁️Most of the time I’ll show sketches / WIPs with watermarks before requiring payment. For larger projects I may halt work on them until payment is processed. I’m willing to do a half-now half-later deal for larger payments.☁️Payments are currently Paypal only. I will always send an invoice that will include terms of services similar to these.☁️You are free to order something that isn’t included in the catalog. We will need to negotiate a price, however.☁️Pricing subject to change.

A pixel art piece of a merchant holding a potion


Average Size100x100 pixels
Base Price$40
Simple Animation +$10
Complex Animation+$6 per frame
A pixel art piece of a mane wolf emitting embers


Average Size200x200 pixels
Base Price$100
Simple Animation +$20
Complex Animation+$15 per frame

Set Dressing

A pixel art piece of a mane wolf emitting embers
 PropsFloorBackdropIsometric Scene


Complex character designs can increase cost per frameVery small details like scars and freckles may not work in standard size piecesFor some designs, simplification may be possible to avoid additional costsSimple / chibi wings can be included free.
Full size wings are subject to complexity costs.

More pricing details

Simple Animation in most cases will be 6 frames of animation or less. Here's some examples of common simple animations:☁️Subtle full body movement (like RPG idle animation)
☁️Very simple tail movement (highly subject to complexity fees)
☁️Ear flicks
☁️Changes in expression
☁️Hair/Fur rustling in the breeze
☁️Small glow / particle effects
☁️Backdrop animation (Stars twinkling, clouds drifting, etc)
Simple animations stack in price. For example, If you want two different simple animations on your piece, it will add the simple animation cost x2. If you want many simple animations, it may be shifted to the complex animation price scheme.

☁️ Special Commissions☁️

April 2022

Web Site Decor

$50 for a set of five unique items.
Asking for many complex items can increase the cost.
Tiny little items or decor to add flavor to your websites!
There's a wide variety of pieces I could make, including but not limited to:
☁️Bullet points (See card suit example)
☁️Bookends (See knife example) individually or as a pair
☁️Horizontal or Vertical dividers
☁️Historiated Initial
☁️Any kind of border, full or partial
If you don't have specifics in mind, you need only provide the website you intend to use them on and some aesthetic guidelines, I can take care of the restIf you want to purchase pieces individually instead of as a set, please contact me for a price quote.

Dialogue Box

A pixel art piece of a merchant holding a potion
A pixel art piece of a merchant holding a potion

$60, one slot only
You will also receive the portrait on its own.

Tarot Cards

$15 each
All cards are available